Welcome to my home page, which is the front door to my teaching studio and entrance to jazz for all occasions.

Playing and teaching music are my lifelong passions. My day usually starts around midnight and ends at dawn. During this time I cook up ideas for improved teaching methods to enhance your individual lessons, and work on original compositions for my quintet to perform for you. To mix things up, sometimes the day begins with a walk on the beach with my wife and dog, or a stroll through the hardware store. Creative input comes from many sources!

LESSONS: Music students, this page will fill you in on my private and institutional teaching experience, former students who have moved on to professional careers, and the mentors who taught me so that I may pass along to you all of our accrued knowledge.

JAZZ FOR ALL OCCASIONS: The Ron Smith Quintet, and smaller ensembles, play American jazz standards and original compositions, tailored to your event.

RON'S MUSINGS is a section that will change as time permits, to let the curious reader/player know what's on the front and back burners at the composing lab, my thoughts on the jazz scene, and any hot topics that come up.

CONTACT: Let me hear from you!

Again, welcome to my website.


Ron Smith
Jazz Skills Workshops

Open to beginning students on all instruments and in all age groups. These workshops are scheduled by APPOINTMENT ONLY.


I provide the music and you provide your own instrument and an "open mind."


Learn to think out of the box, and become a creative player in a NON PRESSURED LEARNING ENVIRONMENT.



  • Learning the blues tunes 12 bar blues, 32 bar song form.
  • Learn key signatures.
  • Learn intervals.
  • Learn chord construction.
  • Learn Jazz eight note phrasing.
  • Learn to improvise a Jazz chorus.
  • Learn to read rhythms.


6 students or less per session.


You will need to know how to play your instrument on a basic level, major scale and fingerings.


Piano and guitar must know basic

chord positions on your instrument.


Guitarist must provide guitar and small amp.


Drummer must provide small drum set, including stool, hi hat, ride cymbal, snare drum,
bass drum, sticks,and brushes.


Bass player must provide bass and small amp.


I provide the piano.


Each session is set up by pre-arranged appointment and is 2hrs in length,with demonstration and explanation, followed by group playing.


Fee is $20 per student, cash only, no credit card or check.

This is not a free jam session - all musicians pay to play!


Check my teaching bio on this website. I have taught for many years and am here to
help you reach your full potential in a JAZZ FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT.


Call ahead for driving instructions to my studio in Stony Brook.

Ron Smith 917.573.7707